Exotic Honeymoon Destinations In Sunny Bahamas

exotic honeymoon destinations in the world

The natural beauty of the Bahamas makes it one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations of all; a dream vacation spot for lovers and married couples alike.  I like the fact that it lies just south of Florida.  Bahamas also relies mainly on tourism for revenue and so tourists are protected if not pampered; you’ll find the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism website very helpful.

For me, the allure of the Bahamas lies in the elegant mix of raw unspoiled beauty coupled with the availability of modern amenities; long stretches of beach, blue holes and diving spots and every convenience you can think of (or afford) at the many hotels and resorts.  You and your significant other will not have to look too far to find tranquil spots for bonding.  Here are locations which make Bahamas one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in the world:

1) Paradise Island.

Living up to its name, Paradise Island has many beautiful beaches, clear waters, colonial architecture, and pirate museums.  Newlyweds will enjoy cultural tours, water activities, exploring the largest water park in the world, dining on fresh seafood and even trying their luck on the largest casino in the Caribbean. There lots of hotels to suit most budgets, with prices starting at less than $100 a night at the low end to thousands for the haunts of the rich and famous.  Many hotels accept weddings within their premises, as the island is a popular honeymoon spot.

2) Andros

The world’s third largest fringing barrier reef, beautiful blue holes, clean lakes, and miles of white sandy beaches make Andros an appealing honeymoon location for nature lovers.  Being the biggest yet most sparsely developed island in the chain makes Andros that much more attractive to city dwellers like me, who appreciate peace and quiet moments their love interests.  Lovers spend time kayaking, bird watching, hiking, fishing or just frolicking in clear blue waters.  Hotel rooms start at less than $50 a night, but 5-star hotels cost a lot more, and 7 accept weddings in their premises. This is a great place for your

3) The Exumas

The Exuma is an archipelago made up of 365 cays and islands, providing lots of super tranquil honeymoon spots. Secluded beaches with ultra-exclusive resorts make this island a dream destination.  Hotels at the lower end start from less than $200.  As for exclusive resorts where the rich and famous frolic; if you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it – I know I can’t!  Still from your hotel you can go explore miles of deserted coastline, go on a tour of the Moria Harbour Cay National Park, or see the famous swimming pigs in Major’s Spot Cay.

4) Long Island

Eighty miles in length, Long Island certainly has no lack of sunny beachfront.  It also features dramatic cliffs and caves on its eastern shore, serene beaches on the western shore, and the Dean’s Blue Hole which is the deepest in the world.  This sunny honeymoon haven has more than a dozen hotels; you can schedule your weddings on four of them.  Hotel rooms start at about $150 a night.

Bahamas has lots of sun, sand and sea all year round, making it a great venue for honeymoon vacations.  Best of all, there are hotel accommodations to fit every budget. I would even recommend having your wedding there. But if you are single, you can spend a great vacation on Bahamas with beautiful girls from Toronto.

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